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If you have asked this question, you are not alone, many people who are in economic trouble are considering it. But before making the decision to suspend your payments, consider the consequences.


Then we advance the effects that will have over time, a debt that has stopped paying.






• Possibly, you will receive several calls from your creditor as payment reminders.


• They will apply expenses and interest under Law 03/2004 and 15/2010 to combat late payment in commercial operations, or others that have been previously agreed.


• They will begin to prepare their file, for an external collection management.






• If the debt has been entrusted to Servicobro, we will contact you to find a solution to the non-payment. The contact will occur more and more frequently, even visiting you personally at your home or place of work, if you avoid our contact. (For security, our agents are equipped with discreet video cameras).


From here, there is a risk that your family, social or work environment will be aware of your debts if they intercept any communication addressed to you (letter, burofax, telephone call, SMS, WhatsApp, message on social networks, etc.). ..) or if you receive a visit from a Servicobro agent.





At this point, we will consider you officially defaulter, being able to provide the data of your non-payment to the main files for defaulter that are consulted by financial entities and companies (ASNEF, RAI, BADEXCUG, INFODEUDA, CYREX ...).


• Collection management will become more intense.


• The debt will continue to rise, because management charges continue to be applied and the interests granted by the law also accumulate.


• We will try again to reach an agreement with you and we will probably offer you deferred payment options to settle the debt. If we do not offer these options, you can request them, thus avoiding the passage of your claim to a judicial phase.


When your name appears in a register of defaulters, the denial of personal loans or mortgages will be an immediate consequence, even applying for a simple credit card will be a problem for you. Financial institutions will deny you any financing for not considering you "solvent and reliable. "






Your debt can be shared with another collection company, or sold to an investment fund of the so-called "Vulture". Some collection agencies are incredibly aggressive to charge, keep this in mind before giving rise to your intervention.





• You must know that a debt can be sold to companies in other countries or that they have representation where the debtor currently resides. So in cases of change of residence or country, the problem can accompany you wherever you go.


• By not paying, you have breached a legal contract and Servicobro can take you to the Court. If you lose your judgment, the consequences will be:



 – Wage garnishment,


 - The embargo of your bank account (s).


 - A lien on your house.


 - Significant damage to your credit history.


 - Seizure of your vehicle


 - The seizure of other goods, assets or economic assets, such as inheritances, shares, ...


- Damage to your image when the judicial commission and custodian of the Court, withdraw their assets and their environment witness it






• If the debt has been claimed through the Court, it will NEVER EXPLAIN if the execution has been initiated, thus persisting the right of the creditor during the years to request new attachments in order to see his debt settled.


Comment for information, that Servicobro sued a debt in 2003 for the amount of € 82,716 and 12 years later when it was finally charged, it amounted to € 179,154 with interest and costs. And a lost inheritance and not enjoyed by the debtor.






As you can see, not paying a debt not only damages your access to credit, but also causes other headaches that can haunt you for a long time.


Having a bad debt history will negatively affect your chances of:


Obtain employment. (more and more companies are investigating the delinquency of their employees)


• Rent a house.


• Register with a mobile operator.


• Buy a car or a house.


• Obtain a consumer credit for the purchase of TV, fridge, washing machine, house renovation, travel ...


• Start a business and request financing, request merchandise in deposit.


. If you are or have been an administrator of a company that has debts, you can still suffer the consequences.


• Etc…


In conclusion, it is worthwhile to make the best possible effort to pay off your debt / s. If you will not be able to pay contact us, you will be surprised at how flexible we can be, if we see that you show willingness to pay.


And if you have thought about putting your child / s or partner in front of a business to avoid their responsibilities, think about it well and do not forget what you have just read. We have seen the future of many young people truncated, because their parents put them in charge of a business whose debts ended up claiming judicially against the children on a personal level (articles 236 and 241 of the LSC).



  Do your best to save yourself complications in the future.





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