Since we are entrusted the resolution of an unpaid file, we soon start the procedure to locate the debtor and find out his capital, in order to consider the different possibilities to face the payment of the debt which is claimed and to determine the different options in the negotiation.

Our interest is that our client can be paid all the debt and it is very important for us, as a consequence and taking into account the consent of the client, we will set different payment options to the debtor, with the purpose of getting an extra judicial agreement which makes it possible to pay the debt in a short or medium run.

We also know that, in most cases, the purpose of the debtor is not to pay, and our clients have previously gone through the procedures for recovering the debt that we have been entrusted, because the results on their part to receive their money have been unsuccessful up to now, for this reason, our agreements that contain payment by instalments, must start to be fulfilled in a maximum period of 20 days, on the contrary, we will finish the extra judicial process and we will pass the record to pre-litigious.


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