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 July 1,  2024




1º) Please, fill in the information that we request below. Servicobro will not assign, nor will it provide third parties with the data you provide us.*Check out how you can get free collection management


2º) Next, proceed to send by email the documentation corresponding to your debt to


We will confirm the validity of the process, as well as the optimal reception of the documents contributed and the acceptance of the claim file.


If you have several claim files and have debtors with unknown location, contact us and inform yourself of the advantages of our PREMIUM RATE.



Register as a client



we will look for the best deal we will look for the best deal




FIRST. With the information provided by the client, Servicobro will open the appropriate file, perform the necessary steps to verify the debt, as well as the personal and patrimonial investigation of the debtor that is required, subsequently proceeding to require payment from the debtor. The client will deliver to Servicobro how many documents sustain the veracity of the debt (invoices, delivery notes, receipts, contracts, promissory notes, etc ...).


Records that have been processed previously by other collection management companies or professional firms will not be accepted.



SECONDThe cost of the claim files amounts to: 


  • 1 files + order for payment procedure                175,00 €
  • 3 files + order for payment procedure                142,00 € (per file)
  • 10 files + 3 order for payment procedure           120,00 € (per file)
  • 25 files + 5 order for payment procedure             94,00 € (per file)


When a file already comes with a court ruling, the processing fee is €500.00 + VAT.


* It does not include court fees or enforcement.


what does this price include? 


*payment requirements

*debtor's investigation

*messaging notifications

*social media ads

*contact / personal interview (if applicable)

*and if necessary, filing a court order in any Court in Spain, WITH NO ADDITIONAL COST.



Fees:Of the amount collected through Servicobro's management, whether amicably or judicially, a percentage will be charged as fees, depending on the amount of the debt. 



                              CLAIM FROM 0 € to 20.000,00 €.........................20% of the amount recovered

                                     20.000,00 € to 50.000,00 €...........................15% "

                                     50.000,00 € to 100.000,00 €.........................10% "

                                    100.000,00 € onwards.......................................% To be negotiated



*Small debts (up to €2,000):  Optionally, you can contract our collection management services at a lower price (59,00 €) if you have only one debt and it is less than 1.500 €, dispensing with part of the processing of the file (not recommended in case of unknown whereabouts of the debtor). 



THIRDThe customer undertakes not to carry out any transaction or management of the file entrusted to Servicobro for its resolution, if the debtor contacts the customer and / or pays the amount claimed, the client is obliged to inform Servicobro within the term of 72 HOURS, having to pay the fees agreed in the previous clause.


The suspension and/or withdrawal of a file whose collection management has already been initiated will entail the payment by the client of the fees indicated above.



QUARTERIf  the client accepts the payment of the debt  by means of goods, the amount of the Servicobro's fees will be applied to the real value of the goods once they have been appraised.



FIFTH. The duration of this contract is established for a period of 12 months, extendable for equal and successive periods, considered to be extended if there is no notice by any of the parties of its intention to terminate it 30 days in advance, or in the if there is a valid payment agreement with the debtor.



SIXTH. When Servicobro recovers the amount claimed, will issue check / transfer  to the client  for the balance in his favor accompanied by the corresponding invoice. To Servicobro's fees, the VAT tax that is currently valid by the Ministry of Finance will be added.



SEVENTHServicobro is obliged to manage in a friendly manner the matter delivered by the client and exhausted the friendly way without obtaining favorable result, the client may opt for the judicial way if he considers it appropriate.



If the debtor persists in his refusal to pay and the client orders that said claim be made through the Courts that are competent to do so, a demand for the ordering procedure will be drawn up, without cost (included in the file).



EIGHTHIt is stated, that whenever you have to legalize any document, grant powers, make seizures, liquidation of taxes, etc ... the expenses that this entails, will be paid by the client.



NINTHTermination of the contract by any of the parties, will entail the payment of the fees that until that date may be owed in relation to collections made or payment agreements in force.


The parts declare themselves in accordance with the general conditions of contracting, by virtue of the law * 34/2002 of July 11 of services of the information society and electronic commerce.





                             Zaragoza (SPAIN),  July 2024





* Article 23 of the law 34/2002 on services of the information society and electronic commerce contracts concluded electronically will produce all the effects provided by the legal system, when consent and other requirements necessary for its validity.


Electronic contracts will be governed by the provisions of this Title, by the Civil and Commercial Codes and by the other civil or mercantile rules on contracts, in particular, the rules for the protection of consumers and users and for the organization of commercial activity.




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