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What is PREVENTIA, and who can use it?


Preventia is a service focused on preventing the non-payment invoices is aimed at companies that work in Spain.


The success of Preventia lies in the communication to the possible debtor, that his invoice has been incorporated into our payment monitoring system.


In this way, your client will be informed that the operation is controlled by Servicobro and that you have coverage against possible defaults, which will reduce the risk of default to the minimum.





How do we do it?


 The user will proceed to send those invoices whose collection he wants to protect, after registering in our system. (maximum 100 invoices / year).

Once the invoices to be checked are received, our team is in charge of communicating to your client that the invoice issued is in "payment monitoring" on our part.

 Your client can receive our communication by several means, letter, fax, email, SMS and / or WhatsApp, in which it is informed that the invoice issued with a certain date and numbering,  is under our supervision until its efective collection.

 We headed your clients in an educated and respectfulway so they do not feel coerced and understand that they are working with a company  that has a standardized collection policy, which prevents delinquency problems.

 Once the due date has expired, if any invoice was not paid, our collection management department could send a notice about the unpaid invoice, informing your client that collection management will begin shorly.

* Servicobro will not give, or provide third parties with the data you provide us.


             ANNUAL COST OF THE SERVICE € 550.00 + VAT


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